Booking Terms

Booking Terms & Conditions
  1. The person named in the booking form (“the Guest”) hereby confirms to The Matson Ground Estate Company Limited (“the Company”) as follows:
    • the Guest is 18 years old or over
    • agrees that they will abide by the following conditions and will ensure that all members of the party abide by the conditions
    • confirms that they are adhering to UK Government Covid restrictions that apply in their area of primary residence
  2. A deposit of 20% of the full amount is payable if the booking is made more than 56 days from the start of the holiday. The balance is payable 56 days before the start of the holiday. The payment dates are of the essence and Matson Ground Estate Company Ltd (“the Company”) reserves the right to re-let the property without notice if payment is not made on time and to retain a cancellation charge of £15 per week or part week booked in such circumstances. The Client should therefore contact the Company 4 days after sending payment to ensure receipt (unless payment has been acknowledged). On receipt of the deposit, for rentals greater than 56 days in advance, or the full payment, for rentals within 56 days, accompanied by the booking form, the Company will issue confirmation of the booking to the client. On receipt of full payment the Company will issue instructions for access and arrangements for collection/delivery of keys.
  3. If there is a complaint, the client should immediately contact the Company or the Company’s representative, using the contact details provided on arrival, during the holiday. In any event a complaint must be raised during the holiday to provide an opportunity to have the matter resolved.
  4. Occupancy begins from 4pm on the start date and finishes at 10am or before on the leaving date, unless alternative arrangements are agreed between the client and the Company.
  5. No more people may occupy the property than the number stated for each property in the brochure. All members of the party agree to leave the property clean and tidy and to replace immediately any breakages. The Company reserves the right to charge for additional cleaning costs. The company reserves the right to collect a damage deposit of £200 payable on booking, or if later, 56 days before the start of the holiday. At the end of the booking the damage deposit will be used towards the cost of making good any breakages or any other damage, cleaning, or other expenses and charges resulting from breach of the booking conditions. If there is no such breach, then the damage deposit will be refunded in full within 14 days of the end of the holiday. Otherwise if the cost of remedying the breach is less than the damage deposit, the balance will be refunded once the cost of remedy has been ascertained. If the cost of remedying the breach is greater than the damage deposit, the client is required to pay the excess within 14 days upon being notified of such claim.
  6. Electricity charges are included in the hiring charge.
  7. The Company shall be allowed access to the property at any reasonable time during the client’s occupancy, eg for Tourist Board inspection, essential maintenance or repair – if possible this will be by prior arrangement.
  8. The accommodation must not be sub-let. The property must be kept locked and properly secured when it is left unoccupied.
  9. If written notice of cancellation is received by the Company, the Company will seek to re-let the property so far as is reasonable. No guarantee of re-letting is given. If the property is re-let the Company will refund all monies paid less a cancellation charge of £15 per week or part week booked. If the Company is unable to re-let the property then all monies paid shall be forfeit to the Company. The Company strongly recommends that the client takes out cancellation Insurance
  10. Cancellation Insurance The Company strongly recommend that the client takes out cancellation insurance.
  11. To the extent allowed by English law Matson Ground Estate Company Ltd, its employees and agents shall not be liable to the Client or third parties for any loss or damage arising from breach of contract, negligence, misrepresentation or otherwise.
  12. This agreement is governed by English law.

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